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AI Voice Cloning Scams: Tips and Tools to Protect Yourself

As always, cybercriminals and scammers are also using these to the fullest, through which they are creating new ways to scam people the latest scam technique they developed is an AI voice cloning scam which uses an AI voice cloning tool to clone a person’s voice through a video or audio sample of the person.

In the past couple of years, we have seen massive growth in Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology, Which has led to the creation of AI tools to help automate tasks and help people ease tasks.

What is AI Voice Cloning?

AI voice cloning is a technique in which a scammer uses an AI tool that produces a computer-generated authentic voice that sounds exactly like a real person. and then uses text-to-speech software to create a script of what they want the voice to say.

The scammer uses an audio or video clip that people post on social media or anywhere it is publically accessible, It then uses Softwares Powered by Artificial intelligence to produce a voice impersonating a real person.

It works like YIN-YAN, if there are good uses for anything it can u also be used to create something bad.

How do people get scammed by Ai voice cloning?

Through AI Voice cloning, Scammers might call you and pretend as a government official and ask you about sensitive details, or a banking official and gather your financial details to later carry out fraudulent transactions.

AI voice cloning scam

The scammer might call your family members while using your voice through an AI voice cloning tool and trick them into sending you money by citing some emergency or stealing your private info to scam you.

Here are a few reported cases of an AI voice cloning scam

How to Report AI Voice Cloning Scams?

Voice cloning scams are a kind of phishing cyber attack where a person impersonates someone else to steal information.

If you have been a victim of such a scam, kindly report it to the respective cybercrime reporting portal of your country or locality.

Based on your location, click to know where you can report cyber crimes in India, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.

What can a scammer do with a voice recording?

If a scammer has your voice recording or video clips with your voice in them, it can be used to generate a fake voice of you by using AI voice cloning software.

By copying your voice they can scam your family member or people close to you by calling them and asking for information or money by using your voice.

The receiver will believe it’s you because the cloning of voice sounds like a real person speaking and they will be tricked to believe it’s true.

Can my voice be cloned?

Yes, if you speak your voice can be cloned. it’s as simple as that.

Voice cloning software needs just a voice sample of the person and they can generate clone voices of anybody, the resemblance is so accurate that no one can differentiate between the real and fake voice generated by AI voice cloning tools.

Tips for Protecting Yourself from AI Voice Cloning Scams

Here are some tips to help you protect yourself from AI voice cloning scams:

  • Never share personal information over the phone or via text message, especially if you are not certain about the identity of the caller or the message sender.
  • Always verify the identity of the person you are talking to by asking for their name, organization, and contact information.
  • Use caution when responding to unsolicited calls or messages, especially if they seem urgent or threatening.
  • If you receive a message that asks you to call a certain number, look up the company or organization’s contact information online to make sure that it’s legitimate.
  • Install a call blocker app on your smartphone to prevent unsolicited calls.


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