How to Track Cybercrime Complaint Status?

It has been made easy for Cybercrime victims to file an online complaint about any cyber fraud and now you can also track the Cybercrime Complaint Status on the portal itself.

You can check the cybercrime complaint status of the report you filed online at the National cybercrime reporting portal.

To check the status of the complaint filed by you visit the cybercrime reporting portal and look for Track Your Complaint link in the menu bar.

It will ask you for acknowledgment numbers and the status of the complaint will be shown.

Steps to check Cybercrime Complaint Status

To check the status of your cyber complaint, go to the portal and click on Track Your Complaint.

1. Visit the National Cybercrime reporting portal.

To check the status of your cybercrime report first visit the portal. It’s the same portal where cyber crime complaints are registered online.


2. Click on the Track Your complaint link from the menu bar.

There will be a direct link from the homepage to check the status of the cybercrime complaints, click on the link to proceed further.

cybercrime complaint status

3. Enter your Acknowledgement number to check the status of your complaint.

To check the status of a cybercrime complaint, an Acknowledgment number is allotted to you at the time of registering the complaint, through which you withdraw your complaint or check its status.

cybercrime complaint status

4. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.

Once you enter the acknowledgment number, the portal will send an OTP to your registered mobile number.

Once you provide the top, you will be provided with the status of your cybercrime complaint.

After entering your Acknowledgment number you can know your Cyber ​​Crime Complaint Status.

In Cyber ​​Crime Complaint Status, you are shown the date of the complaint, the place of complaint, the status of your complaint reached, or your Complaint Incharge angle.

What is the Acknowledgement number in cybercrime complaints?

An acknowledgment number is an ID number allocated to each cyber crime complaint to better keep track of complaints and also enables the user to check the complaint status of the report he files at the portal.

Acknowledgment numbers are specific ID for each complaint and it is used to fetch the complaint from the database of the portal whenever the user desires to see the complaint status if he wants to withdraw the cybercrime complaint it will be done through these numbers.

Higher authorities use these acknowledgment numbers to contact the user about the complaint filed by him.

How long does it take to solve a cybercrime complaint?

Cybercrime complaint usually takes 10-12 days to get resolved according to cyber police.

It also depends if the complaint has been filed online or at the Cyber crime cell.

It also depends on the type of cyber crime and also the complexity of the case.


Basic financial fraud can be reversed in hours of complaint file time.

The cybercrime complaint resolution duration depends on how quickly the victim files the complaint and informs the responsible authorities and provides the information needed to resolve the fraud.


  1. How to check cybercrime complaint status online?

    To check your cybercrime complaint status, you can log in to the cyber crime reporting portal and submit your acknowledgment number on the portal, You will be provided the info about your complaint status.


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