How do you Withdraw Cyber crime Complaints in India?

It occasionally occurs that issues are resolved before legal action is taken; in this case, it is advised to withdraw a cyber crime complaint so that you won’t run into problems down the road.

How you file your cybercrime complaint will determine the procedure for withdrawing it.

Cybercrime complaints can be filed in two ways, online portal or offline cyber cell office.

Let’s know the process of withdrawing cybercrime complaints in both ways.

How do you withdraw Cyber Crime complaints offline?

If you have lodged a complaint in Cyber ​​Cell and the complaint is in the initial stage then you can withdraw your Cyber ​​Crime Complaint by submitting a written application to the Cyber ​​Crime Cell Officer.

In the written application, you have to clearly state the reason for withdrawing your complaint so that the officer can speed up the process and withdraw the complaint.


If your complaint is processed in court, you can withdraw the complaint by presenting it to the court through your lawyer.

How to withdraw Online Cyber Crime Complaints?

To withdraw cybercrime complaints online, you must log in to the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.

Withdraw Cyber crime Complaints

Use the same ID and Number for the login when filing your complaint.

After login, on the next page, you will have a link to view your filed complaint, apart from that you can check the status of your complaint and withdraw your complaint from the given link.

To withdraw a cybercrime complaint, click on the Withdraw Complaint link.

Withdraw Cyber Crime Complaint

After clicking on the link you have to enter your ID which is given to you after filing the complaint.

You can also see which complaint you want to withdraw from the search box.

Select the complaint you want to withdraw.

Your complaint will be returned within 3 to 4 days.

Reason for withdrawal of Cyber Crime complaint?

If you want to withdraw the complaint then you have to tell the authorities the valid reason for withdrawing the complaint through which the process of withdrawing the complaint can be done immediately.

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  1. I cannot see the withdrawal option on the portal. When I click on complaint withdrawal, it says no data found.

      1. Now I got the option after 24 hrs. I clicked on green button and message prompted saying “complaint withdrawal status will be updated soon after acceptance of competent authority”. Today got an email saying complaint has been accepted.
        Does it take a bit longer to withdraw complaint?

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