Cybercrime Helpline Number Bhopal

Cyber Crime cases are on the rise in the state capital of Madhya Pradesh. The state government is working closely with the Bhopal Cyber Intelligence police to counter cyber crime cases in Bhopal and has issued various cybercrime helpline numbers in Bhopal where people can report cybercrime to the police and resolve the issue.

The rise in financial fraud is a case of concern for the police department as well because there are many fraudster groups operating in the country and through the internet, they can be anywhere in the country and can operate and carry out these frauds.

What is the cyber crime helpline number of Bhopal?

Cybercrime in Bhopal can be reported at the helpline numbers 9479990636, 0755-2677339, and 9479990625 issued by the cyber intelligence police of Bhopal.

You can also contact the Bhopal police control number 0755-2555922, 9479990451 if you cannot reach the cyber helpline numbers in case of emergency.

Cyber police of Bhopal have also issued a WhatsApp number Advertisement

Cybercrime Helpline Number Bhopal0755-2677339, 9479990625
Bhopal police control room0755-2555922, 9479990451
Cyber Cell AddressC Block old secretariat, Kohefiza Square,
nearby Collector office, Idgah Hills,

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462001
Cyber Crime Police,
Bhopal Location
Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Crime Police Bhopal

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Social Media HandleState Cyber Police Headquarters Madhya Pradesh


Home Department, MP
Cybercrime Helpline Number Bhopal

Rising Cases of Cybercrime in Bhopal

The state capital of Madhya Pradesh is witnessing a rise in cybercrime cases ranging from Fake KYC to aadhar update fraud and many other financial frauds over the year.

Many people are being looted through various bank OTP frauds and online fake LOAN apps.

Government is slow in raising cyber awareness among the people of the rural area where people are losing their hard-earned money to these cyber fraudsters and they cannot get their money back due to a lack of awareness about cybercrime reporting and how to stay aware of these kinds of frauds.

Cybercrime Helpline Number Bhopal

How to beware of online cyber frauds?

  • Do not click on any link received from an unknown number.
  • If someone calls you and asks for a credit card number, CVV, OTP, or bank account number in the name of KYC, then do not tell him anything and report the number.
  • Download the applications on the phone only from a verified source,
  • Do not keep such applications on the phone and track SMS or calls in the background.

How do I lodge a complaint in the Bhopal cyber cell?

If you are a resident of Bhopal, then you can register your complaint on the app Cybercrime helpline number Bhopal 9479990636.

You can also Dial the National cyber crime helpline number 1930 to report cybercrime.


  1. What is cyber crime helpline number Bhopal?

    You can file cyber crimes in Bhopal through helpline Number 9479990636, 0755-2677339, 9479990625.
    You can also Dial the National cyber crime helpline number 1930 to report cybercrime.

  2. How to report a Cyber Crime in Bhopal online?

    To report cyber crime online you can visit National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.


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